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Get Your Nature Fix

Welcome To

Urban Releaf

Combining stress relieving techniques from mindfulness, simple yoga style moves and total relaxation with elements from nature, in the comfort of the studio. 

An antidote to city life.

Suitable for everyone. Simple moves and total relaxation make it easy for all ages and abilities. No fancy footwear or luscious lycra required! Just something comfy.

Designed for our generation.

For those who find it hard to relax, or don’t have time to stop, or those who know they spend too much time on their screens. Urban ReLeaf classes are for you.

Developed by experts.

Developed by experts from the nature, outdoor, psychotherapy, mindfulness and yoga sectors. Founded on scientific research into the benefits of nature.

Give yourself permission to relax

Nature is scientifically proven to 

reduce stress and make you happier 

My first Urban ReLeaf class was a revelation. I've never felt so relaxed. I'm so excited to explore our local woodland this weekend.

Philip Toulson

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